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  • Google Business Profile | Tech Access | KCPL

    Google商家資料 Google成為您的商家時會顯示什麼?你在地圖上嗎?您的聯繫信息和網站是否在未來客戶的指尖? 我們將通過Google開設的這一新課程來建立您的組織資料並獲得您想要的訪問量。 視像課程 印刷品 其他資源 Create Google Profile step-by-step Create Google Profile step-by-step (en espanol) Create Google Profile step-by-step (Somali) How to Use Google AdWords 返回所有課程

  • Tech Access | Kansas City Public Library

    Helping build Kansas City's digital skills since 2016 Tech Access is a free service provided by the Kansas City Public Library to help patrons learn how to use technology and other digital tools in their day-to-day lives. Bridging the Digital Divide in Kansas City Today, more than 14% of households in Kansas City don't have internet access, and 10% do not have a computer in their home. Since digital skills are becoming increasingly necessary to participate in today's society, dedicated efforts are needed to create an inclusive digital equity. Learn Start building on your digital literacy through online resources, drop-in sessions, or 1-on-1 appointments. 1-on-1 appointments. Read More > Volunteer Become a Tech Coach and help support our efforts to bridge the digital divide. Read More > Partners See how your organization can help bridge the digital divide in Kansas City by partnering with Tech Access. Read More >

  • Build a Website | Tech Access | KCPL

    建立自己的網站 當然,您可以在沒有網站的情況下開展業務。但為什麼?如果潛在客戶正在網上搜索您的產品或服務類型,他們甚至不會發現您的業務所能提供的。建立免費,專業外觀的網站有很多選擇。一旦掌握了這個過程,它甚至會變得很有趣。 在所有可用的網站構建器選項中,我們選擇Wix.com是因為它易於使用,價格合理並且具有多種免費的附加功能。 Wix是我們在《 DIY:建立在線狀態》系列中教授的平台,並且如果您迫不及待要安排下屆會議,這裡將使用所有材料! 視像課程 Created by, the following video is the first of 23 short tutorials to help you get started. Be sure to watch the entire playlist to learn about different features. 印刷品 20 Things to Check before Publishing your Website Site Map Worksheet 其他資源 返回所有課程

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